conDUCImi® is a t-shirt, souvenir and home design brand for Sicilians and tourists, created by the Graphic Designer & Branding Specialist Eleonora Majorana { } in 2005. conDUCImi is glamorous, romantic, elegant, pop & folk.

The Sicilian word "duci" literally means "sweet". On the island this is basically a personal lifestyle. It is perfect to describe a person who is both special, sweet, sensitive, delicate and unique. "Duci" is anything that produces tenderness and that the heart likes. The creations of this brand are "driven" by the user. The girl and garment are united by the awareness of being different from everyone else.

The brand is represented by a Sicilian cart. This is because the brand means "lead me", "take me", "guide me". In fact this symbol is both a container and a means of transport that perfectly conveys an idea of Sicilian folk. Reinterpretation is given by the color of the symbol, sometimes in old pink, very unusual for a handcart, but adapted to the concept of tenderness and sweetness that characterizes this brand.

The brand has been inspired by Sicily's unique atmosphere but also recalls the international influence that its designer has. Conducimi is a DESIGN BRAND. Eleonora's creations are based on the strict discipline of design, she works with local artisans to create original souvenirs or garments that would make Sicilians have a stronger connection to their island.

Made in Sicily representing our pride and difference.


When the eternal father created the world, a poet said, and profused various colors to the various parts of the world, on the palette remained very small quantities of each color. Not knowing how distribute them, he put them all together and poured them on an island in the Mediterranean: Sicily, who thus became the island of the sun, the most beautiful of the islands, the island most favored by nature, the queen of the islands.

Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key to everything.

"Italian Journey" - J. W. Goethe